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Our AllPro Strip Broom is designed as an alternative to traditional tube brooms providing efficient sweeping, simple storage, ease of disposal and simplified broom changes along with other benefits. The AllPro Strip Broom has individual polypropylene strips that are mounted on a central mandrel, forming a full size, densely bristled broom. The AllPro Center Sweep Mandrel establishes a smooth even pattern that keeps constant bristle contact with the sweeping surface. Fused polypropylene bristles do the digging and flicking necessary to remove heavy debris. When worn, the strips are removed from the mandrel by undoing the bolts that secure the fiber guard, slide the old strips out, slide a new strips in, rebolt, and in as little as 10-15 minutes you’re sweeping. 

  • -Designed to bring all sweeping to the center of the sweeping path. 
  • -Will help load hopper to the center.Eliminates elevator adjustments and premature wear.
  • -Quick change over Mandrel remains on machine, only strips are replaced.
  • -Works well in all applications – heavy sweeping, light sweeping and millingApplication: Alternative to Main Tube Brooms.

Product Details:

  • Keystone’s Strip Broom has been designed with a center sweep mandrel. This center core directs debris into the middle of the sweeping path resulting in less streaking and improving debris pickup for impressive sweeping results.
  • Center Sweep Mandrel allows collected debris to settle evenly in the sweeper hopper. This eliminates elevator wear and the need for frequent adjustments caused by debris collecting to one side.
  • The superior 100% recyclable AllPro Strip Broom achieves cleaner sweeping and creates the most aggressive sweeping available on the road today.


  • -Most value for the money.
  • -Less storage and shipping costs.
  • -Easier disposal – 100% recyclable.
  • -Versatile – suitable for all sweepers.
  • -Overall best value.


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