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Simple Steps to Improve Worksite Safety

by IronClad Company

Simple Steps to Improve Worksite Safety

Each day on your worksite brings new challenges and changes. From shifting weather, to new equipment, to the state of your work teams, you’re managing dozens of variables at any given moment. Given that construction sites are such dynamic spaces, maintaining a safe workplace is always high on the priority list. 

Fortunately, improving the level of safety at a construction site is fairly straightforward. At IronClad Company, we partner with construction firms around the country to provide quality construction equipment and safety gear. Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep your work teams safe while on the job.

It Starts With Hiring

In some cases, you might feel rushed to hire a new pool of workers in order to meet the demands of a project. But there’s something to be said of hiring quality workers as opposed to a large quantity of them. Hiring workers who have a pre-existing set of skills and are familiar with the ebb and flow of a worksite means you’ll have a team of safety-minded workers. Hiring less qualified candidates may help in the short-term, but could have long-term consequences if they don’t take their safety, and the safety of those around them seriously.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Creating a safer worksite starts with the training you provide your employees. By having clear expectations of how to use the equipment and how to complete a task, and then offering continuing education courses on how to improve in these areas, you’re empowering your teammates to carry out their work in a safe manner. 

Your training should be framed in an accessible manner, and site and project managers should be encouraged to check in with their team regularly to see if there are questions or concerns before, during, and after each training session.

Team members should also be trained in basic accident preparedness. For instance, all employees should know where first aid supplies are stored on-site and how to use them. If possible, offer a voluntary first aid training for your employees to complete. 

Use the Right Equipment

Just as your employees can’t finish a project without the right tools, they can’t stay safe without the right personal protective equipment. What PPE your employees need will vary depending on your project, job site, and work conditions, but there are some standard pieces that are useful regardless of the work being done:

  • Safety helmets

  • Goggles or glasses

  • Closed-toed shoes or steel-toe boots

  • Work gloves

  • Hi-vis equipment, like vests and helmets

In addition to the right gear, make sure there is clear signage that indicates when and where your teammates should be utilizing this equipment. These signs are a great way to remind employees of the risks around the worksite and the steps they can take to stay within safety regulations. Often, simple signs like “helmet area” are sufficient.

Keep Records on Equipment Maintenance

When a piece of machinery or equipment fails, it can be hazardous to everyone around it. Regular maintenance can prevent common equipment failures, which serves to keep your employees safe, saves you money on repairs, and helps you get projects completed on time. Maintenance records for each piece of equipment should be easy to access and updated regularly. 

Organize Your Worksites

Much in the same way a messy house can lead to accidents, a disorganized worksite can cause unnecessary injuries. Equipment and supplies should be stored in designated areas and returned there when no longer needed. Spills, be they hazardous chemicals, nails, or gravel, should be addressed quickly and thoroughly. Cords should be tangle-free and organized. At the end of the day, equipment and machinery should be shut down and locked.

Create a Culture That Makes Safety a Core Value

Many job sites proudly state that safety is a priority, but priorities change in response to the needs of the project. Instead, make safety a core value of your company and everything it does. By doing so, you’ll create a culture that puts the safety of its workers first. This means you’ll have employees who are willing to conduct accurate risk-assessment practices as they start a new project. Your employees will also feel empowered to approach job site managers and contractors with concerns when they have them.

A culture of safety ultimately results in higher quality results, more satisfied clients, and happier employees. 

Safety Starts With IronClad Company

From ground engagement tools like excavator bucket teeth to fuel tanks to work gloves, Iron Clad Company has nearly everything you need to get your next project started. 

When you’re looking for high-quality personal protective equipment options, you can browse through our extensive selection to find exactly what you need. We can outfit you and your work teams with vests, glasses, gloves, and kneepads, as well as supporting equipment like tape and adhesives, contractor bags, and more. Order your PPE from IronClad Company today.



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