Jul 01

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The Advantage of Renting Fuel Tanks

by IronClad Company

If there’s one constant on your job site, it’s that nothing is consistent. Conditions change, budgets expand or contract, and the scope of the project inevitably creeps every step of the way. Whether you’re running the whole operation or just a crew member, you need to be flexible and reactive, and so does your equipment. That’s why renting a fuel storage tank, like those offered by IronClad Company, is a great way to meet the ever-changing demands of your next project.

A Short-Term Solution With Long-Lasting Results

The fact is, for shorter projects, purchasing, transporting, and maintaining a fuel tank simply isn’t cost-effective. After purchase, the maintenance of a fuel tank doesn’t end once the project is over. You’ll have to consider factors like storing the tank as well. For smaller outfits, this can be a logistical challenge, as your storage space may need to be prioritized for other equipment.

Instead, renting offers you a great degree of flexibility that can help you complete projects more efficiently. For instance, if you begin a project with the expectation of using one size of tank but quickly find that you need more fuel, renting an additional tank is a great way to immediately address the problem. The rented tank is also free from the logistical challenges of transporting and storing the tank when you’re finished using it.

Minimize Costs While Maximizing Options

Renting a fuel tank is an excellent way to get the right equipment without having to pay exorbitant prices. By renting, you don’t have to divert your cash-flow from other purchases or projects, and you don’t need to find a lump sum of cash to make the purchase. 

Additionally, renting your equipment opens up more options than purchasing. Essentially, your dollar goes further when you rent. For instance, renting a large fuel tank for a project is more cost-effective as it provides you with the fuel resources you need when you need them. Purchasing a smaller tank for the same project may result in other costs stacking up, like adding more fuel to the tank one or more times during the course of the project.

The lower costs associated with renting a fuel tank also allows you to rent multiple tanks if need be. This is an ideal solution for larger job sites or crews that are running a variety of heavy machinery all at once.

Ultimately, renting a tank offers you more size and capacity options that meet your budget than purchasing a tank does.

Environmentally Friendly Storage Options

Now more than ever, environmental concerns are at the forefront of project managers’ concerns. By renting a fuel storage tank from IronClad Company, you can rest easy knowing that your storage options are environmentally sound. That’s because we use Transcube storage tanks. Transcube designs their tanks with features that help protect the environment, especially important when your job site has you working near or in sensitive sites like wetlands. The fill and connection points on Transcube tanks are within the container itself, helping to prevent leaks or spills from leaching into the soil around the tank.

If you’re purchasing a storage tank, you may not have the same options to use an eco-conscious option. This could lead to compliance issues that your business may not be able to afford.

Transport and Maintenance Made Easy

When you rent a fuel tank, we handle transporting and maintaining the tank. This takes the stress, time, and money of these tasks off your to-do list. We manage the DOT approval process to help transport your fuel tank rental straight to your job site or business yard. Should the tank experience any issues while you’re using it, you can rely on us to handle it for you.

We also offer transportation accessories, like trailers that make it easy to move the fuel tank around the job site. 

Choose IronClad Company for All of Your Fuel Tank Needs

Whether you need to purchase or rent a fuel tank for your next project, IronClad Company is here to help. With more than 20 years of experience in the heavy construction industry, we know what equipment you need to get the job done right the first time. Thanks to our network of associates around the world, and our convenient location in Seattle, we can quickly and affordably transport the equipment you need to your next job site. 

Connect with us today to find out more about pricing and availability of our fuel tank rentals.

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