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Washington State Laws Aboveground Storage Tanks

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WA State Law:
Aboveground Storage Tanks

Questions to Ask if your company needs to comply with Washington State Oil Spill Prevention and contingency regulations:

            -Where is your facility located?

                          -Is your facility located on or near the navigable waters of the state or will a spill from your facility pose significant threat to the navigable waters of the state?

           -How is oil delivered or distributed at your facility? 

                         -If your facility transfers oil to or from a tank vessel, such as a barge or oil tanker, or to or from a pipeline, then your facility is subject to Washington State’s Contingency Planning and Facility Oil Handling Standards regulations (Chapters 173-182 and 173-180 WAC). 

What you need to have to be in compliance:

    -Operations Manual
    -Spill Prevention Plan
    -Continency Plan
    -All equipment involved in oil transfer operations must be designed, inspected, and maintained in accordance with specific industrial standards.

Portable Storage Above Ground Tanks   

    -Need to be positioned/located in area to prevent a discharge
    -Needs to have a secondary means of containment 

Contact Information:

Spill Prevention, Preparedness and Response Program at the Department of Ecology for further information at 360-407-7455, or take a look at the website,http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/spills/spills.html

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