528 GAL Western International TRANSCUBE Offshore 20TCG-OS

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The TRANSCUBE Offshore 20TCG-OS is a fuel deployment solution for the direct supply to stationary diesel engines or the refueling of equipment on demand. With a fully-integrated crash frame, this tank is approved for offshore deployment.

Product Highlights:

  1. Lockable Cabinet
  2. Manway Access
  3. Secondary Containment
  4. Secure Hose Access
  5. Forklift Pockets
  6. Fully Integrated Crash Frame
  7. Load Test Pad Eyes
  • Transportable. Forklift pockets and internal baffles designed to allow handling of the tank full of fuel; UN approved as a 31AY package for transporting hazardous goods in packing group II and III; ABS approved to EN12079 for safe off-shore use.
  • Stackable. Easily stackable (3)-high full of fuel and (5)-high empty to reduce storage space requirements.
  • Accessible. Access manway for maintenance and inspection of inner tank.
  • Efficient. ENVIROconnect Equipment Cabinet locks and secures equipment and fuel ports.
  • Environmentally Safe. Double-walled, 110% containment eliminates the need for spill pans, UL 142 approved.
  • Capacity: 520 Gallons
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 87" x 55" x 51"
  • Weight: 2,292 lbs (Empty) / 11,974 lbs (Full)
  • UN/DOT (IBC Type 31A / Group Y DOT Performance Certification)
  • UL 142 Listed for Fuel Storage
  • ABS Approved EN12079 - Safe Off-Shore Use

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