All-Pro Strip Broom

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  • Designed to bring all sweeping to the center of the sweeping path. 
  • Will help load hopper to the center.Eliminates elevator adjustments and premature wear.
  • Quick change over Mandrel remains on machine, only strips are replaced.
  • Works well in all applications – heavy sweeping, light sweeping and milling.

Our All-Pro Strip Broom stands as a modern alternative to traditional tube brooms, delivering efficient sweeping, convenient storage, easy disposal, and simplified broom changes.

Featuring individual polypropylene strips mounted on a mandrel, this broom forms a full-size, densely bristled tool. The fused polypropylene bristles handle the digging and flicking required to effectively remove heavy debris. When it's time for replacement, simply undo the bolts securing the fiber guard, slide out the worn strips, insert new ones, re-bolt, and in as little as 10-15 minutes, you're back to sweeping. Experience a hassle-free approach to sweeping tasks with our All-Pro Strip Broom.

  • Application: Alternative to Main Tube Brooms.
  • Advantages: Most value for the money.Less storage and shipping costs.Easier disposal – 100% recyclable.Versatile – suitable for all sweepers.Overall best value.

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