Gutter Brooms

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  • Available in Bolt-On Clip-On
  • Oil Tempered Wire, Std. or Poly Fill
  • Plastic or Wood Backing
  • Available for All Sweepers

Explore our extensive range of Gutter Brooms, suitable for every make and model of sweepers on the road today. Our patented wire, featuring durable spring action, ensures our Gutter Brooms remain firm, in-shape, and ready for heavy-duty tasks.

Enhanced with high-impact resistant blocks, they are specifically designed to tackle rigorous curb sweeping. For applications where wire is not suitable, we offer poly-filled Gutter Brooms.

After rigorous testing, our customers consistently report that our Gutter Brooms not only meet but often exceed their expectations, even in the most challenging street sweeping scenarios.

Available for various sweeper models, our Gutter Brooms can be purchased in 1 section, 2 section, 4 section, 5 section, or 12 section brooms, depending on the sweeper style. 

A full line of Gutter Brooms are available for every make and model sweeper on the road today. Topped with high impact resistant co-polymer blocks, patented wire has a long-lasting and durable spring action keeping Gutter Brooms firm, in-shape, and ready for heavy duty curb sweeping jobs. 
  • Application: Curb sweeping - sweeps in front of main broom vacuum.
  • Patented Wire: Patented wire has demonstrated to be much stronger and harder wire with greater resistance to fatigue than traditional Gutter Broom wires.
  • Oil Tempered Wire: A durable wire with long life, better recovery, high carbon content, higher cost. 
  • Poly: Used mostly on airports where wire is forbidden. 
  • Available: Special and Heavy Fill wire count gutter brooms are also available. 

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