The Piranha Brush

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  • Extends gutter broom life & reduces wear on side broom components
  • Provides increased digging power and improves overall sweep quality
  • Mechanical alternative to Herbicides - Removes most vegetation from curb line
  • 100% Recyclable

The Piranha is a universal attachment which supports the gutter broom. This revolutionary attachment clears the gap between asphalt and the concrete curb. It is capable of attacking weeds at the roots and clearing away stubborn weed seeds. The Piranha’s durable but light segments are designed to reduce stress on the hydraulics by reducing gutter brush friction. This will not only result in less stress on pins and brushings, but it will also increase the gutter brush life expectancy

  • The Piranha is light but very aggressive. The Piranha only weighs +/- 2 lbs each; the low weight reduces stress on hydraulics and joints/bushings on sweepers. Warthog type brush plates can weigh up to 80 lbs each.
  • The Piranha has small wires that fits in the gap between the asphalt and the concrete border and clears it out. The brush eliminates weeds and grass at the roots therefore delaying the regrowth.
  • The Piranha is universal! It fits onto all bolts on type gutter brooms without modification. You will no longer need to inventory different Warthog type disks for every machine.

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