Tube Brooms

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  • Original Slip Over or Bolt-On Design
  • Poly or Poly/Wire Combo
  • Available for All Sweepers

The Full-Fill Tube Broom is a standout in the industry for its robust sweeping, exceptional performance, and durability. Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to quality, this broom features increased filament in the bristles, extending its overall lifespan and ensuring more effective debris collection and superior sweeping performance compared to alternative sweeper brushes.

Constructed on a sturdy steel core, the Tube Broom utilizes a steel channel where filament is spirally wound throughout its length. Also referred to as main brooms, center brooms, assist brooms, bottom brooms, pick-up brooms, belly brooms, and extension brooms, the Tube Broom embodies versatility in its design.

Crafted with engineered bristles, the Tube Broom guarantees more filament, an extended lifespan, thorough debris collection, and superior sweeping outcomes. Its aggressive sweeping action ensures a cleaner street sweeping job, maintaining constant contact with the road due to tight and consistent broom wraps. Tube Brooms, with their abundance of filament, contribute to an extended broom life.

  • Construction: A tube broom is constructed on a solid steel core - a steel channel with filament crushed inside is spirally wound throughout the length of the tube. 
  • All Poly: General street sweeping Poly/Wire Combo: Versatile sweeping Quality Standard: Our standard tube brooms meet every OEM Spec.
  • Heavy Duty: Heavy duty means that it exceeds OEM specifications. Offering a Heavy Duty Line of Tube Broom products.

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