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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on brushes for mechanical and power sweepers, catering to a diverse range of equipment including front-mounted, in-plant, and walk-behind sweepers. In this blog, we delve into the world of sweeping solutions, exploring a variety of brushes designed to meet the specific needs of different applications.

From Gutter Brooms to Street Sweeper Brooms, Broom Wafers, Laymor Brooms, Ravo Brushes, Elgin Gutter Brooms, Tymco Gutter Brooms, to Mobil Gutter Brooms, we cover an extensive range of options. Whether you're seeking to extend the life of your gutter brooms, enhance street sweeping efficiency, or explore specialized brushes for specific sweeper models, this guide is your go-to resource for understanding the diverse landscape of sweeping accessories. Join us on a journey through the various brushes that power the cleaning operations of mechanical and power sweepers, providing insights into their unique features and applications.



Gutter Brooms, meticulously designed for compatibility with any sweeper on the road today. Crafted with a patented wire featuring durable spring action, these brooms remain firm, in-shape, and ready for heavy-duty tasks.

Equipped with high-impact resistant blocks, they excel in tackling rigorous curb sweeping. For applications where wire isn't suitable, we offer poly-filled Gutter Brooms, ensuring a solution for every need.

Through extensive testing, our Gutter Brooms consistently surpass expectations, delivering exceptional performance in the toughest street sweeping scenarios. Available for various sweeper models, choose from 1 section, 2 section, 4 section, 5 section, or 12 section brooms, tailored to your sweeper style. 




The Full-Fill Tube Broom is a standout in the industry for its robust sweeping, exceptional performance, and durability. Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to quality, this broom features increased filament in the bristles, extending its overall lifespan and ensuring more effective debris collection and superior sweeping performance compared to alternative sweeper brushes.

Constructed on a sturdy steel core, the Tube Broom utilizes a steel channel where filament is spirally wound throughout its length. Also referred to as main brooms, center brooms, assist brooms, bottom brooms, pick-up brooms, belly brooms, and extension brooms, the Tube Broom embodies versatility in its design.

Crafted with engineered bristles, the Tube Broom guarantees more filament, an extended lifespan, thorough debris collection, and superior sweeping outcomes. Its aggressive sweeping action ensures a cleaner street sweeping job, maintaining constant contact with the road due to tight and consistent broom wraps. Tube Brooms, with their abundance of filament, contribute to an extended broom life.




All-Pro Strip Broom stands as a modern alternative to traditional tube brooms, delivering efficient sweeping, convenient storage, easy disposal, and simplified broom changes.

Featuring individual polypropylene strips mounted on a mandrel, this broom forms a full-size, densely bristled tool. The fused polypropylene bristles handle the digging and flicking required to effectively remove heavy debris. When it's time for replacement, simply undo the bolts securing the fiber guard, slide out the worn strips, insert new ones, re-bolt, and in as little as 10-15 minutes, you're back to sweeping. Experience a hassle-free approach to sweeping tasks with our All-Pro Strip Broom.




The Piranha is a universal attachment which supports the gutter broom. This revolutionary attachment clears the gap between asphalt and the concrete curb. It is capable of attacking weeds at the roots and clearing away stubborn weed seeds. The Piranha’s durable but light segments are designed to reduce stress on the hydraulics by reducing gutter brush friction. This will not only result in less stress on pins and brushings, but it will also increase the gutter brush life expectancy




Manufactured to meet the industry's highest standards, our Poly, Wire, and Combo Wafers stand out for their exceptional quality and durability. Designed to extend the usage hours between broom changeovers, these wafers excel in tackling tough road debris such as asphalt, gravel, mill grind, clay, and mud. Ideal for sweeper attachments and road construction brooms, our Wafers are user-friendly, easy to change, and available in various options.

Choose from two styles of Wafers: convoluted and flat. Flat wafers feature a flat ring, typically stacked with a spacer in between, while convoluted wafers have a wavy ring, aligning in a way that eliminates the need for a spacer.

Craft a broom according to your preferences, opting for an all-poly construction or a combo poly/wire mix. In combo broom construction, you can alternate between poly and wire wafers in either flat or convoluted styles. Alternatively, go for the combo poly/wire wafer, incorporating both poly and wire in each wafer for enhanced versatility.


Explore our extensive range of brushes designed for popular sweeper models like Elgin, Tymco, Schwarze, Global, Mobil, Ravo, Rosco, Laymore, Walden, Roadtech, Broce Superior, Johnston, Bobcat, Sweepster, CAT, John Deere, MB, Nitehawk, Stewart Amos, and Tennant.

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